ChargeMaster Link Electronic Powder Dispenser

ChargeMaster Link Electronic Powder Dispenser

5 out of 5 Customer Rating
Model: 98944
ChargeMaster Link Electronic Powder Dispenser
5 out of 5 Customer Rating
Model: 98944

ChargeMaster Link Electronic Powder Dispenser

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The RCBS® ChargeMaster™ Link packs unparalleled powder-measuring accuracy in a compact package and adds Bluetooth technology and the ability to disable audible beeps. RCBS is constantly setting the standard for accuracy, ease, and convenience in powder measurement.

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5 out of 5 Customer Rating 5 out of 5 Customer Rating

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Model: 9190

RCBS, the world leader in powder dispensing is proud to announce the ChargeMaster Link. Built off the rock-solid load cell and electronics of our ChargeMaster Lite™, the Link advances the powder measuring process with built-in Bluetooth that pairs with the updated RCBS app for a customized, streamlined powder dispensing experience. Using the RCBS ChargeMaster Link is easy. Simply download the RCBS app and pair it with the tool using the built-in Bluetooth functionality. The app allows you to customize your powder dispensing settings, ensuring that you get the most accurate and consistent results possible. The ChargeMaster Link's load cell and electronics are extremely accurate, providing precise measurements that are essential for consistent and reliable reloading. Its advanced technology ensures that you get accurate measurements every time, improving the efficiency and accuracy of your reloading process.
  • Bluetooth Compatible with free App
  • Can disable audible beeps
  • 0.1 Grain Accuracy; 2000-Grain Capacity
  • Ability to run on external battery pack
  • CE Approved 4 Country Universal Power Supply
  • 16 Segment LCD Touchscreen Display
  • Quick Warm-Up Period
  • Sealed Platen to keep powder out
  • User serviceable infinite lifeshaft seals
  • Optimal dispense tub angle for speed and accuracy
  • Overcharge Warning - Flashing screen
  • Made in Taiwan


Chargemaster Link


Chargemaster Link gives you a portable unit capable of running on an external battery. Newly upgraded with Bluetooth connectivity.

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Gives you a 350-grain dispensing range with most standard charges under 60 grains in less than 30 seconds. Delivers two grains per second, affirming the #1 spot in reloading, 30 seconds at a time.

Chargemaster Link


Now you watch powder readouts, audio-dispense and control the powder charge from your phone. Our Bluetooth app Saves you time and effort. Get the RCBS Reloading App through the Apple App Store or Google Play.


Chargemaster Link


This smartest-in-class powder dispenser consistently delivers +/- 0.1-grain accuracy, from 0 to 350 grains lightening fast.

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Chargemaster Link Setup & How-To Videos

Chargemaster Link Setup

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