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Model: 9356
  • Lengthened design allows easy loading of today’s longer cartridge designs
  • Easy operation, ambidextrous handle, outstanding strength and versatility
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Model: 9290
  • The case does not move; the reloading die comes down to the case
  • All-steel linkage and cast iron frame
  • Ambidextrous design allows easy access to cases
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Model: 87460
Model: 88703
  • Longer support columns and larger toggle block
  • Uses standard 7/8 inch-14 thread dies and standard shell holders to load pistol or rifle caliber
  • Can be set up to load from .25 ACP to .50 BMG with the addition of the .50 BMG 1 1/2-inch Die Kit (88705)
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Model: 9291
Model: 9294
Model: 9285
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Model: 9353
  • Heavy Duty Cast Iron Frame (22% heaver than the Rock Chucker Supreme)
  • Wide Base for Extra Stability
  • Tallest Opening of Any RCBS Single Stage Press
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Model: 9358
  • Tube-fed priming system
  • Safety shield
  • Increases the speed of single-stage reloading
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