Matchmaster Powder Dispenser

5 out of 5 Customer Rating
Model: 98941
Matchmaster Powder Dispenser
5 out of 5 Customer Rating
Top Rated
Model: 98941

Matchmaster Powder Dispenser


The RCBS MatchMaster Powder Dispenser is a top-of-the-line powder dispenser that takes the process of powder dispensing and weighing to a whole new level. The dispenser utilizes patent-pending dual-tube dispense technology, allowing most charges to be thrown in under 20 seconds with 0.10-grain accuracy. The unique technology of the MatchMaster dispenser ensures that every charge is consistent, precise, and reliable.

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5 out of 5 Customer Rating

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Model: 9190

The MatchMaster Powder Dispenser features pharmaceutical-grade scale components that enable .04-grain accuracy, providing the ultimate in precision. This high level of accuracy ensures that reloaders can produce the most accurate and consistent loads possible. Using the RCBS MatchMaster Powder Dispenser is easy and straightforward. Simply set the desired powder weight, and the dispenser does the rest. The unique design of the dual-tube technology ensures a rapid and precise powder charge delivery.

Overall, the RCBS MatchMaster Powder Dispenser is the ultimate tool for any reloader who demands the highest levels of precision and accuracy. Its patent-pending dual-tube dispense technology and pharmaceutical-grade scale components provide unrivaled precision and reliability, making it an essential tool for any serious reloader.

  • One MatchMaster in Match Mode can dispense charges at the same speed as TWO ChargeMasters.
  • One MatchMaster in Standard Mode can dispense charges at the same speed as THREE ChargeMasters.
  • .04 Grain Accuracy in Match Mode
  • Dispenses in under 20 seconds in Standard Mode
  • User adjustable powder dispensing settings allows for fine tuning to reduce dispense times in match mode.
  • A tuned MatchMaster can dispense 38.5gr of H4350 in under 7 seconds in Match Mode
  • Improved quick-drain feature utilizes a flexible tube to drain powder from the bottom of the 1lb hopper, enabling fast changes from one powder to another.
  • Match mode throws a maximum charge of 300 grains; Standard mode can achieve a max charge of 1000 grains
  • Bluetooth app increases functionality:Control up to 8 units simultaneously
  • Pre-configured powder profiles for easy setup
  • Save details about specific loads including photos of group sizes, velocities, etc
  • Can disable audible beep
  • Made in Taiwan


The fastest and most accurate powder dispenser from RCBS

The RCBS MatchMaster Powder Dispenser takes powder dispensing and weighing to the next level. Utilizing our Patent Pending dual tube dispense technology most charges can be thrown in under 20 seconds to 0.10 grain accuracy.

MatchMaster Powder Dispenser

The RCBS App provides control of MatchMaster functions via Bluetooth


  • Calibrate the scale with easy to follow steps


  • Dispense powder in auto, manual and match mode
    • Easy-to-use auto dispense for faster reloading
    • Manual dispense for incremental control
    • Dispense in match mode for fine-grain precision


  • Custom powder configurations
    • Get a quick start with pre-configured powder types
    • Fine tune your dispense operations for speed and accuracy
    • Create and modify your configurations to improve them over time


MatchMaster Powder Dispenser

Speed and accuracy are not the only things that the MatchMaster delivers

User adjustable powder settings allow the hand loader to fine tune their favorite powders, reducing dispense times without affecting accuracy. Adjustable leveling feet allows the unit to easily be leveled on any surface without the need of shimming.

MatchMaster Powder Dispenser

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