ChargeMaster Supreme Electronic Powder Dispenser

ChargeMaster Supreme Electronic Powder Dispenser

4.2 out of 5 Customer Rating
Model: 98943
ChargeMaster Supreme Electronic Powder Dispenser
4.2 out of 5 Customer Rating
Model: 98943

ChargeMaster Supreme Electronic Powder Dispenser


Decades of powder dispenser ingenuity, manufacturing experience, and technology combine to deliver the best ChargeMaster RCBS has ever produced. The ChargeMaster Supreme Electronic Powder Dispenser delivers the accuracy you need and adds Bluetooth technology for streamlined performance.

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4.2 out of 5 Customer Rating

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Model: 9190

The RCBS Chargemaster Supreme is an innovative powder dispenser that combines the best features of previous Chargemaster models with cutting-edge technology to deliver the best measuring experience available. This powerful and accurate powder dispenser is designed to streamline the reloading process and deliver consistent and precise powder measurements every time.

The Chargemaster Supreme features refinements that improve accuracy to 0.1-grain, delivering the highest levels of precision possible. Additionally, Bluetooth connectivity allows you to customize and streamline your dispensing processes, providing an enhanced user experience.

This powerful powder dispenser also features RCBS's proprietary "Powder Learn Process," which optimizes and calibrates the dispenser's performance to ensure the most accurate and consistent measurements possible.

Using the ChargeMaster Supreme Electronic Powder Dispenser is easy and straightforward. Simply set the desired powder weight and let the dispenser do the rest. The dispenser provides a highly accurate and consistent powder drop for each case, ensuring that reloaders get the same accurate measurements every time.

The RCBS ChargeMaster Supreme Powder Dispenser sports an improved design, smartphone technology to speed up the reloading process, and a mid-level price. Click to read review by Shooting Times.

  • Proprietary Powder Learn Process
  • Powder hopper drain alarm (patent pending)
  • 50 memory slots for favorite and Powder Learn charges
  • Bluetooth compatible with free RCBS app
  • Can disable audible beep
  • 0.1-grain accuracy; 1,500-grain load cell capacity
  • Available external battery pack adds portability
  • 16-segment LCD touchscreen display
  • Made in Taiwan


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Gives you ultra-fast dispensing and a 400-grain range, delivering up to two grains per second and affirming the #1 spot in reloading.

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Now you can watch powder readouts, auto-dispense and control the powder charge from your phone. Our Bluetooth app saves you time and effort.

Chargemaster Supreme


This smartest-in-class powder dispenser consistently delivers +/- 0.1 grain accuracy, from 0 to 400 grains lightening fast.

Supreme Features

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Supreme Features

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