Name: Missy Gilliland

Hometown: Double Springs, Alabama

Shooting Since: I grew up around firearms all my life. I started shooting at a young age with a BB gun and .22.

Shoot: I shoot in the Precision Rifle Series with my GA Precision 6mmCreedmoor bolt action rifle.

Favorite Shooting Memory: I actually have several, but most of them consist of just the comraderie of hanging out with all the competitors.

How did you get into competing? I tagged along with my Husband Jim to one of his first competitions. I saw another female shooting and thought "I could do this" After the first "Ting" at 800 yrds on steel, I was hooked!

How do you prepare for a competition? Since we not only shoot in prone position, I also practice a lot of positional shots (think hood/trunk of cars/trucks, barricades, tires, ladders, etc.). For me it's also important to keep a routine of going to the gym and having that upper body strength since I am running and gunning a lot!

What’s your longest shot? 1 mile

What is your best piece of reloading advice? Take your time. Reloading is time consuming, but the end product is definitely worth it!


  • Qualifying as one of the Top 3 Females in Precision Rifle Series in both 2015 and 2016 Seasons
  • Co-Host Seasons 2-9 Trigger Time TV
  • Numerous Precision Rifle Top Female awards
  • Placed in the Top 10 several times at one day Precision Rifle competitions


“My absolute favorite is the Universal Case Prep Center. It really minimizes your time in prepping your brass.”


  • March 2-3: AI Classic PRS match, Baker FL
  • March 16: Alabama 1 day PRS Club series match, Carbon Hill AL
  • April 6-7: MPA Spring Shootout PRS, Blakely GA
  • April 13: Altus 1 day PRS Club series match, Baker FL
  • April 26-28: NRA Convention, Indianapolis
  • May 4-5: Guardian Long Range Charity Match, Blakely GA
  • May 11: MPA 1 day PRS Club series match, Blakely GA
  • May 25-26: K&M Precision Rifle PRS match, Finger TN
  • June 1: Altus 1 day PRS Club series match, Baker FL
  • June 8: Alabama Precision 1 day PRS Club series match, Carbon Hill AL
  • June 22: MPA 1 day PRS club series, Blakely GA
  • June 29: Missy class "Intro to Precision Rifle competitions" Blakely GA
  • July 13: Altus 1 day PRS club series match, Baker FL
  • July 20: Alabama Precision Series club Finale, Carbon Hill AL
  • Aug. 10-11: MPA Summer Shootout, Blakely GA
  • Sept. 7: MPA 1 day PRS club series match, Blakely GA
  • Sept. 14-15: Alabama Precision PRS match, Carbon Hill AL
  • Sept. 21: Altus 1 day PRS club series Finale, Baker FL
  • Oct 19-20: Altus Fall Classic PRS match, Baker FL
  • Oct. 26: MPA 1 day series Finale, Blakely GA
Missy Gilliland

The best single piece of advice is just 'Have Fun'. If you take away anything from a shooting sport, just remember to always have fun. At the end of the match, you're not going to remember who won or placed here or there....You are just going to remember the fun and good times you had!