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Model: 90359
  • Low RPM motor
  • Use with Trim Pro—2
  • Accurate and consistent results
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Model: 90360
  • Provides extra work space
  • Greater hand clearance
  • Storage space for shell holders and pilots
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Top Rated
Model: 90366
  • Designed for .001-inch accuracy
  • Coarse and fine trim length adjustments
  • Fine adjustment bushing features .001-inch micrometer markings
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Model: 90367
  • Manual on/off switch aids in setting case trim length
  • Kit includes pilots: .22, .24, .25, .27, .28, .30, .35, .44 and .45
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Model: 98860
  • Tools guide the cutter over the sized cartridge case neck and are supported by the special pilot/reamer (pilots/reamers sold separately)
  • The inside and outside of the neck are turned simultaneously
  • The Auto Feed Attachment (for Case Trimmer—2 and Trim Pro® Manual Case Trimmer) advances the cutting tool evenly over the case neck with each turn of the trimmer handle
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  • Three-blade head configuration trims like standard cutting tool
  • Inside blades chamfer the case
  • Outside blade deburrs case
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Model: 90384
  • Works with RCBS® Trim Mate
  • Designed to chamfer the inside and outside of the case necks
  • Carbide tip ensures cutter stays sharp
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  • Trim brass casing to desired length for your specific caliber
  • Tapered design helps ensure brass casing is held securely and aligned properly resulting in a consistent, accurate trim for each casing
  • Use with RCBS Case Trimmers only
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$4.99 - $7.99
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  • Caliber-specific pilot and chamfer tools
  • Change the caliber of their 3-way cutter to work with a variety of different calibers
  • Available in 12 calibers
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Model: 9406
  • 9364 is a 50 Caliber Replacement cutter designed to fit on the High-Capacity case trimmer
  • 90250 is a carbide cutter is an upgraded cutter that fits on the Trim Pro Case Trimmer. Carbide is designed to deliver a lifetime of use. Takes the place of the standard cutter for the trimmers (Trim Pro 2, Trim Pro, Rotary Trimmer)
  • 9406 is a steel cutter that fits on the Trim Pro Case Trimmer. It is the same cutter that ships with the trimmer
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Exclusive Offer
  • This kit combines the trim pro case trimmer and our dial caliper to get you on your way to trimming brass down to SAAMI specs
  • Having cases the same length guarantees more consistent crimps, smaller standard deviation and extreme spread of ammunition velocities, and helps ensure proper chambering of your ammunition
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$149.99 Kit Price - Brass Trimming Kit.
Price reduced from $181.98 to $149.99
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Model: 90320
  • 45 Colt
  • 454 Casull
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