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How to Call Deer

With Will Primos
Calling deer is easy when you learn how to do it the correct way! Will Primos, founder of Primos Hunting shows you his tips and tricks to get a mature deer into range. He uses a 1-2 punch using his Primos Buck Roar and the Can.
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Custom Product
Model: PS99305
  • Diamond or Floral Scene Options
  • 5 Text Areas to personalize each call.
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Best Seller
Model: PS752
  • Sharp and Responsive Grunts
  • Duplicates the challenge wheeze of a mature buck
  • Rotating wrist strap to keep the call ready, in any position
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Best Seller
Model: 730
  • In compact, flexible camo net bag
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Best Seller
Model: PS7064
  • Original Estrus Bleat for the rut
  • Quiet Carry Thumbhole
  • #1 Deer Call of All Time
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Best Seller
Model: 773
  • Ergonomic design is comfortable to hold and directs sound where you want it
  • Creates aggressive grunts produced my mature bucks during the rut
  • Incorporates challenge wheezes
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Model: 707
  • 6-in-1! Adjustable reed assembly reproduces everything from grunts to bleats
  • Loud, throaty grunts
  • Expandable hose for variable tones and pitches
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Model: 713
  • "THE Lil' CAN®"
  • "THE Original CAN®"
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Model: 737
  • Includes: Lanyard, Arm Strap
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Model: 747
  • MTA Deer Instructional DVD
  • The "Original Can"
  • Hardwood™ Grunter
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Model: 701
  • 6-in-1! Adjustable reed assembly allows for grunts and bleats
  • Made from select hardwood for extra loud volume and deep, throaty grunts
  • Expandable hose for variable tones
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Model: 776
  • Unique design produces all deer vocalizations from a fawn bleat to a mature buck roar
  • Easily and quickly adjust sound using center dial
  • Sound like multiple deer at once
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Model: 721
  • Reproduces the Distress Bleat and Bawl of a Young Deer
  • Includes: Lanyard
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We listened. We tested. We perfected. We know deer language and what the sounds mean. When we say speak the language, we mean it. Primos offers many deer call options from the Rubberneck Grunt Call which is the most versatile DEER CALLS to ever be in the woods, to the hardwood grunt call which gives you the option of a grunt call with a wooden barrel, to the trusty Can Call which produces the doe bleat call that is simple to use as all that you have to do is “tip it over” to make the estrous sounds of a doe.

We have evolved to our Buck Roar GRUNT CALL series of calls that produces the aggressive roar sounds that have been very popular for the last decade and has been the demise of many great bucks over those years. We have every sound a deer makes on tape, and in a call. Nearly all of our Grunt Call come equipped with a snort wheeze function that is the most challenging call a deer can make. So, when you have that 150” deer across the corn field, use the snort wheeze to get his attention. We are passionate about the science behind Primos deer calls and we believe that the variety of grunt calls and BLEAT CALLS we offer give you the best chance to communicate with deer. No matter if you want to Master the Art, speak the language, or just sweet talk your next trophy to within gun or bow range, your first choice should be DEER CALLS