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Model: 98944
  • Bluetooth Compatible with free App
  • Can disable audible beeps
  • 0.1 Grain Accuracy; 2000-Grain Capacity
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Model: 98943
  • Proprietary Powder Learn Process
  • Powder hopper drain alarm (patent pending)
  • 50 memory slots for favorite and Powder Learn charges
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Model: 98941
  • One MatchMaster in Match Mode can dispense charges at the same speed as TWO ChargeMasters.
  • One MatchMaster in Standard Mode can dispense charges at the same speed as THREE ChargeMasters.
  • .04 Grain Accuracy in Match Mode
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Model: 9016
  • Machined reference surfaces for exacting tight tolerances allowing for a dispensing range of- 0.5-95 grains- 0.1 grain to 0.3 grain accuracy
  • NG Resistant, anti-static hopper holds half a pound of extruded powder or one-third pound of flake powder
  • Threaded hopper design makes disassembly for cleaning quick and easy
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Model: 9460
  • The Automatic Priming Tool feeds primers through the auto primer feed tube one by one. Two primer rod assemblies and two primer feed tubes are included.
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Model: 9092
  • Raises most Powder Measures 9 1/2 inches
  • Provides plenty of space for positioning a powder scale pan or cases in a loading block under the drop tube
  • Bolts easily to a reloading bench or table
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Model: 9550
  • Fast, accurate primer seating
  • Includes primer plugs and sleeves for large and small rifle and pistol primers
  • Fast and easy size changes, less than 60 seconds
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Model: 9480
  • The Primer Tray—2 handles today's larger primer package quantities. The square shape makes it easier to handle. A grooved tray surface quickly positions primers anvil-side up.
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Model: 9471
  • The Primer Rod Assembly is used in both our Ram Prime Unit and Automatic Priming Tool, and includes all parts for both large and small primers.
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  • Designed for use RCBS® Automatic Primer Feed
  • Drops primers one at a time into the primer plug and sleeve
  • Nylon primer pick-up keeps primers from falling out
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Model: 9452
  • Two-side design offers three different case fits per side
  • 50-case capacity
  • Designed to fit most standard rifle or pistol cases
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Model: 90200
  • The RCBS® Hand Priming Tool seats primers quickly, while a safety mechanism separates the seating operation from the primer supply to reduce the risk of tray detonation.
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