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Model: 90366
  • Designed for .001-inch accuracy
  • Coarse and fine trim length adjustments
  • Fine adjustment bushing features .001-inch micrometer markings
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Model: 90317
Model: 9412
Model: 90390
  • Six variable, high-speed rotating stations (four at <350 rpm; two at <550 rpm)
  • Two fixed stations for case neck brushes
  • Tools included for all stations
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Model: 9452
  • Two-side design offers three different case fits per side
  • 50-case capacity
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Model: 9474
  • Dedicated bench-mounted tool simplifies the removal of primer pocket staking/crimp
  • Requires 35 percent less force than other tools
  • Hardened steel rod supports the case from the inside for perfect alignment with the hardened steel swager head
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  • Determines chamber headspace and bullet seating depth to 0.001-inch
  • Measures from the datum point on the caseshoulder to the base, giving reloaders spot-on SAAMI tolerance readings
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Model: 9575
  • Removes residue in primer pockets with couple of twists
  • Stainless bristles and interchangeable mounts for large and small primer pockets
  • Includes no-roll accessory handle
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