Model: 90370

Universal Case Prep Center

5 out of 5 Customer Rating
Model: 90370

Universal Case Prep Center

5 out of 5 Customer Rating

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RCBS® Universal Case Prep Center

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The Universal Case Prep Center lets reloaders quickly trim, chamfer and debur cases, as well as clean primer pockets. It’s powered by a 24-VDC motor that provides 9 inch-pounds of torque, and reloaders can also adjust the output shaft’s RPM. There are six stations for case preparation; four offer up to 360 RPM, and two provide up to 550 RPM.
  • 24-VDC motor provides 9 inch-pounds of torque
  • Six stations for case preparation
  • Spring-loaded shell holder accommodates case head diameters from .250 to .625 inch, and lengths from .720 inch to 3.375 inches
  • Micrometer adjustment allows for fast, precise cuts
  • Includes primer pocket brushes, chamfer and debur tools, and alignment gauge
  • Features .22, .24, .25, .27, .28, .30, .35, .44 and .45 pilots; large and small primer pocket brushes; and inside chamfer, outside debur and alignment tools


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Our tools ensure your cases are as consistent as possible to get you the best results .

It's all about consistent case preparation when it comes to crafting the finest handloads possible. RCBS has numerous tools to help you clean, measure, lubricate, trim, chamfer, and deburr your cases to perfection.

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RCBS has dedicated itself to the craft of handloading ammunition since it was founded in 1943. RCBS is the leading manufacturer of reloading equipment for rifles and pistols. Reloading is an exact process with tight tolerances. It requires precision and skill to be done correctly. That’s why RCBS makes state-of-the-art products all are backed by RCBS’s industry-leading reputation.