Thank you for your interest in the Bushnell VIP Program. Please understand that we vet all applicants very carefully and as a result, we require proof of status as well as an agreement to abide by the guidelines of the program. Any abuse of VIP pricing will result in immediate and permanent termination of pro access.


Create an account here. If you don’t have an account on Bushnell.com, you will be denied. If you already have an account, proceed to the next step.


Fill out the form below and submit proof of status. Acceptable forms of proof involve a paystub with sensitive information removed, a business card, an ID badge or other correspondence.


Please give us up to 14 days to review your application then we will activate the discount on your Bushnell.com account.

Rules and Guidelines

You cannot combine Bushnell VIP Program with promotions and already discounted products. This VIP pricing is valid for one calendar year with a $2,500.00 MSRP cap and is subject to change without notice. Members of the program may not purchase Bushnell products for the purpose of resale. Product discounts vary by affiliation, if affiliated with more than one organization, please submit required documentation for the program. For questions on warranty, returns, and customer service please utilize the Support tab link on Bushnell.com. All VIP orders must be submitted online at Bushnell.com. Abuse of this program will result in the loss of Bushnell VIP program. You may be asked to rate, review and provide feedback on Bushnell product through R&D surveys. You may be removed from the program at any time and be asked to reapply. Please allow up to fourteen days to hear back from us. Any incomplete applications will automatically be denied so please take the time to complete the form carefully.